VV 02 – Basic Economic Vocabulary

VV 02 – Basic Economic Vocabulary

This epsiode of Video Vocab by Business English Pod introduces 10 commonly used English words related to the economy:
Regulate, Currency, Interest Rate, Exchange Rate, Monetary Policy, Central Bank, Fluctuate, Speculate, Inflation & Basis Point.

Video Vocab is a regular videocast featuring useful Business English words and terms. You can use Video Vocab to expand your Business English vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.

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7 Responses to “VV 02 – Basic Economic Vocabulary”

  1. windyhill_kk_1412 says:

    i found it í very interesting and helpful.thanks you so much!

  2. darling says:

    I really found it very interesting , would you please provide us lessons about e- commerce and cases studies .thank you .Good luck.

  3. Franco says:

    I strongly recommend to have this videos content in audio format. Thanks

  4. minhkhanh says:

    thank you, it is helpful

  5. quang says:

    I feel website so meanningful for people

  6. Lyudmila says:

    I am a teacher of Business English at University. I find this website perfect to learn vocabulary. Do you have any lessons on Banking?

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