VV 27 – Legal Vocabulary: Contract Law 2

VV 27 – Legal Vocabulary: Contract Law 2

This episode of Video Vocab is the second of our two-part series on vocabulary related to contract law. In our last episode, we looked at some of the basic principles of contracts. Today, we’ll focus on specific terms and language found in contracts.

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    Hi, a good video indeed. tqvm

  2. moataz says:

    i like your ways for legal vocabulaery

  3. khumo moyo says:

    exellent material for learning and teaching….Thank you very much for this site….The material is easy to follow and informative…

  4. mish says:

    Thank you so match for this video, and I hope you add more videos to help us improve our Englsh language because we need like these videos.


  5. Emmanuel DMK says:

    This is a brain tickling stuff for dummies. Great . Good job. Thank you.
    please Keep it up.

  6. Nguyen Trung Hau says:

    I like this program, it is very good to me and anyone who want to learn English related business.
    thank you very much.

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