VV 50 – Intellectual Property and Copyright Law 2

In this lesson we’ll learn legal English vocabulary related to copyright. Copyrighted works are created by authors, who receive royalties for the use of their work. Copyright exists for a specific term, and may be assigned to others. Limits to copyright include works in the public domain as well as fair use. We’ll also look at ideas like copyright infringement and piracy.

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VV 49 – Legal English: Intellectual Property Law 1

In this lesson we’ll look at vocabulary related to intellectual property, or IP. Intellectual property includes patents, as well as trademarks and trade secrets. IP may be licensed to others, but it still belongs to the rights holder. We’ll cover activities such as counterfeiting, as well as reverse engineering. And finally, we’ll look at designation of origin.

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VV 27 – Legal Vocabulary: Contract Law 2

This episode of Video Vocab is the second of our two-part series on vocabulary related to contract law. In our last episode, we looked at some of the basic principles of contracts. Today, we’ll focus on specific terms and language found in contracts.

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