VV 37 – Vocabulary: Internet Marketing 1

In this lesson, we look at English vocabulary related to Internet marketing. One of the most common approaches to Internet marketing is PPC, or pay per click advertizing, with ads displayed on websites organized into content networks. The ads are sold by CPC, or cost per click, to advertisers, who hope for a high CTR, or click-through rate. The ads are linked to landing pages, intended to encourage visitors to make a conversion. To measure effectiveness, advertisers use analytics software to determine the CPA, or cost per acquisition.

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VV 36 – Sales Management (Part 2)

In this lesson, we continue our look at and collocations related to sales management. Sales is one of the keys to business success. We often hear the word sales combined with other words, such as quota, commission and territory. These ideas are all related to the work of a salesperson, who may be focused on business to consumer sales, or on business to business sales, which we often refer to as B2C and B2B.

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VV 35 – Sales Management (Part 1)

In this Video Vocab lesson, we look at vocabulary and collocations related to sales management. A sales force is made up of sales reps who try to identify leads with potential customers called prospects. A sales rep must qualify these prospects as they move down the sales funnel. At the end of the funnel, a rep hopes to close a sale, or make a deal.

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