VV 43 – Human Resources Management 1

In this Video Vocab lesson, we look at English vocabulary for human resources, or HR. People who work in HR think about a company’s headcount and how to recruit new employees or headhunt people from other companies. We’ll look at ideas such as job descriptions, as well as compensation and benefits, and how these differ from incentives.

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VV 31 – Vocabulary: Supply Chain (Part 2)

This the second part of our look at Supply Chain vocabulary. In this lesson, we focus on more advanced concepts such as enterprise resource planning, just in time manufacturing, and quality assurance.

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VV 30 – Vocabulary: Supply Chain (Part 1)

In this Video Vocab lesson, we’ll learn business English vocabulary for describing the supply chain, beginning with suppliers, who sell materials or parts to the manufacturers that assemble products. The products then go to distributors, who transport them to retailers, where they are then sold to consumers or end users.

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